Chantal Bluck

Chantal Bluck

Chantal Bluck

This is Chantal Bluck, one of the most naturally smiley people I’ve ever met.  Its usually the hardest part of a shoot; getting a believable, engaging smile but none of that here – if anything it was hard to chose which one to go for but this shot pretty much had everything we could have wanted in it.

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  1. Aww thanks for writing such lovely things 🙂 Im gonna try contain my smile if I ever need headshots again haha. I will deffo be reccommending A.E Ashford to all the drama friends who need headshots. The day of the photoshoot was so fun and relaxed and the photos afterwards looked amazing and professional. It will be nice to start my second year with some awsome headshots, thaaanks very much and will be coming back if I ever need anymore 🙂 xx

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