Ben Tosh

Hey everyone this is Ben Tosh an ALRA student who is just made the (in my massively bias opinion) totally awesome topnotch  move to go ahead and get some professional headshots done.  We wanted something that reflected Ben’s easy going, cheerful character and we really nailed it with this shot.  He’s back up to Scotland for the holidays while his folks swan off to Disneyland but will be back tearing it up in London well before the start of next term.

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1 Response to Ben Tosh

  1. Ben says:

    My mum would kill me if she knew the information about her abandoning her son while she went to Disneyland was on the internet…but the world needs to know.

    Thanks again for the session, really enjoied it and I’ve got some great shots from it ready for 3rd year 🙂

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