Chara Jackson


Chara Jackson


So today we had the amazing Chara in the studio.  This chic has some serious presence!  Its one of those shoots that’s hard to chose the winning image from but I love this shot for so  many reasons: great strong eye contact, a really relaxed smile with no hint of tension what-so-ever, lovely shoulder positions, and a great depth of field on the lens blurring out everything except the face and really drawing the viewer in.  Everything you could ever need from a headshot. The viewer goes straight to the eyes and the expression keeps you looking for ages.

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1 Response to Chara Jackson

  1. galaxcee2010 says:

    Wow what a gorgeous picture. She looks so sensuous yet so wholesome. Everything in proportion, eyes nose mouth shape of face, such a wonderful expression, i could look at this picture for hours.

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