Colour Vs Black and White in the UK

So what do people think??

The UK still seems pretty traditional on this and black and white is very much the done thing.  But surely black and white dominance is down to historical reasons of reproduction costs and film costs? Colour is a lot more accurate – hair colour, freckles, eye colour etc can all be confused in black and white prints but then again there is something timeless and essential to the black and white image.

So yeah, opinions please! 3…2…1… Fight!

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3 Responses to Colour Vs Black and White in the UK

  1. A couple of my actress friends have the most amazing red hair, you couldn’t imagine it with their black and white headshots which is such a shame. You could describe their hair but it does it no justice. However, I have always thought black and white is still the most flattering! =)

  2. Gareth says:

    Spotlight allows you to put more than one photo up though, and most people will use Spotlight, so they can see colour shots as well if you put them up there.

  3. luissa says:

    i think its great to keep the tradition going of black and white headshots.

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