Liam Currie

This is Liam Currie another ALRA student joining the pro headshot gang.    A total natural in front of the camera it didn’t take us too long to get a load of great shots.  This is just one of them.

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Ben Tosh

Hey everyone this is Ben Tosh an ALRA student who is just made the (in my massively bias opinion) totally awesome topnotch  move to go ahead and get some professional headshots done.  We wanted something that reflected Ben’s easy going, cheerful character and we really nailed it with this shot.  He’s back up to Scotland for the holidays while his folks swan off to Disneyland but will be back tearing it up in London well before the start of next term.

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Chantal Bluck

Chantal Bluck

Chantal Bluck

This is Chantal Bluck, one of the most naturally smiley people I’ve ever met.  Its usually the hardest part of a shoot; getting a believable, engaging smile but none of that here – if anything it was hard to chose which one to go for but this shot pretty much had everything we could have wanted in it.

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Alex Berry

Alex Berry

Alex Berry

We shot this last week.  Alex is a great looking guy with a cool as f@@k attitude.  We had loads of great shots in the can after the shoot but we went for this one due to the strength of the eye contact and the fearless expression.

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what actually is it?

“headshots”, “head shots”, “HeadShots”…. anyone…. anyone?

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Lauren Crace Shoot


Lauren Crace


so this weekend I shot the stunning Lauren Crace, of Eastenders fame.  It was a fantastic shoot, with Lauren giving it stacks of professionalism all the way.  This is the only image i’ve edited up so far but I absolutely love the sense of strength and depth that her expression and body language gives.

heading back on the tube as Lauren got stopped by a group of excited fans who asked me to take a picture of them all together.  Instinctively I thought about charging but the moment passed and I didn’t say anything…

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Hello world!

Ok so off we go.  This blog is will contain new musing, thoughts, anecdotes and general waffle about the world of headshot photography.

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