Phoebe D’Abo


Phoebe D'Abo Headshot

Phoebe D'Abo Headshot

Phoebe D'Abo Headshot

Phoebe D’Abo Headshot

As well as having a totally cool rock and roll name, D’Abo here, is also finishing up drama school in Cambridge and is a regular on the London DJ circuit. Well cool. Anyways she came down to the studio last December wanting a mixture of indoor and outdoor shots. The indoor shots went smooth as you like as you can plainly see from the top image.  The outdoor shots however were a little more trouble mostly because of the blizzard like conditions the UK was suffering at the time.  We braved it anyway and after standing around for 20 mins shivering uncontrollably we were finally rewarded with a break in the snow and the chance to fire off a good 40-50 frames.  The great thing about winter light especially after snow is it can throw up some really strong directional lighting which we used here to light the side of the hair and make the image pop.  It took us about an hour to finally warm up after getting back to the studio, but it was well worth it.

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